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Acne Care

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition that occurs among humans when the hair follicles under the surface become clogged and plugged with dirt, dead cells, and excess sebum. Sebum is oil released by Keratinocytes, a skin cell to keep the skin from drying out and maintaining a healthy and supple skin appearance. However, there are instances when the body produces more oil than it should. The reasons involving this phenomenon include but are not limited to hormonal imbalance, environment, and diet. As a result, the hair follicles become clogged, which turns into zits or pimple breakouts. Most pimples usually appear on the face, but they may also appear on the chest, back, buttocks, and shoulders. 

Acne is a common inflammatory disorder that individuals, especially teenagers and young adults, consult at dermatological or aesthetic clinics. The body sheds skin cells or dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin. Then, the body reacts by allowing keratinocytes to produce sebum to be delivered to the follicle. However, when the body cannot excrete the sebum through the pores because they are clogged, it results in acne

Acne has a lot of types:

Whiteheads: Plugged hair follicles in the pores with a white bump

Blackheads: Plugged hair follicles that are seen on the surface of the skin and work like a cork. They are black due to environmental changes. 

Papules: Inflamed lesions that are usually small, pink bumps that are tender to the touch.

Pustules or pimples: Papules with white or yellowish pus and red at the base. 

Nodules: Large, painful, solid lesions lodged deep in the skin.

Cystic Acne: The combination of nodules and pustules. They are deep, painful, and have white or yellowish pus.

What are treatments for Ance?

There are a variety of medical modalities to treat acne, but it depends on the type and its severity. Many aesthetic clinics follow a specific routine that treats whiteheads and blackheads through steaming, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizer, toner, and SPF. Please do note that these are all done professionally to avoid further damage to your skin, especially if mishandled. You may also ask the administering doctor to incorporate decongestion (manual extraction) and microdermabrasion. On the other hand, pustules and papules are treated through LED therapy, while hypertrophic scars are treated through microdermabrasion and enzyme solution. However, if you have discoloration as an accompanying skin condition of your acne, you may use microdermabrasion, LED therapy, skin brightening treatments, and enzyme solutions. Please note that the above-stated treatments are the general knowledge for acne treatments, and yours would still depend on your skin condition, type, color, and other health risks. 

At the AMOA640 Skin Clinic, we offer an Acne Treatment Package for those who desire to remove the stubborn acne on their faces. The Acne Treatment Package also comes with a Lala peel treatment, which is a mild chemical peel that will help rejuvenate and resurface your skin for a clearer and plumper skin appearance. 

Lala peel or Lhala peel is Korea’s fourth generation of chemical peels that contain Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA) and alkaline ingredients. It is one of the best peeling treatments that offer a new and refreshing mechanism of peeling that fills the skin without worrying about the exfoliation of the dead cells on the surface. Additionally, it aids in skin whitening, rejuvenation, resurfacing, tightening, and brightening.

How does Acne treatment work?

The Acne Treatment Package we offer at the clinic involves a general method for acne treatment, which is a skincare routine comprising of cleansing, steaming, extraction, and scaling. Furthermore, it includes the Lala chemical peel treatment as well as general aftercare, including toner, moisturizer, SPF, and post-treatment creams. 

However, you won’t be able to purchase or undergo any facial treatments at our clinic without our board-certified doctor’s approval from your face-to-face consultation with him. At the clinic, we ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, so a face-to-face consultation beforehand is a must, for this process enables us to determine the appropriate treatment for you. Additionally, it allows us to analyze your skin condition thoroughly and evaluate if your skin condition is on equal footing with the treatment without causing health risks.

Once you have the doctor’s approval, our licensed technician will escort you to one of our treatment rooms to start with the general skincare routine. Please note that the general skincare routine is somewhat similar to skin prepping to ensure that no impurities are present on the surface. First, the technician will thoroughly cleanse your skin. Then, they will steam your face to open your pores so that they may extract the whiteheads and blackheads easier. They will use two clean cotton swabs or an extraction tool to draw out the impurities manually. Then, after wiping the face thoroughly, they will apply the Lala peel chemical solution on the surface of the skin. The Lala peel treatments help with skin scaling, a skin disorder where the outermost layer of skin is peeled off. Afterward, the technician will apply a toner, moisturizer, SPF, and post-treatment creams. Since the Lala peel is a gentle exfoliating chemical peel, it has minimal downtime. Thus, you may resume your daily activities, but you must strictly follow the aftercare and protection procedures to ensure optimum healing and results. 

Furthermore, the doctor recommends that you combine this treatment with LDM or G-wave for a more desirable outcome. For this, you will need at least three to five sessions for notable results.

Targets of the Acne treatment

  • Acne vulgaris
  • Acne scarring and lesions
  • Excess oil production
  • Whiteheads and blackheads
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Mild Wrinkles
  • Mild Fine lines and expression lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin
  • Scaling skin

Benefits of the Acne treatment

  • Reduced acne
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin brightening
  • Skin whitening
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Even skin tone
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Reduced pore prominence
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced laugh lines or smile lines
  • Healthy and moisturized skin
  • Diminished acne scars
  • Sebum production mitigation
  • Psychological benefits
  • Sun protection (UV rays)
  • Volumized skin
  • Korean glass skin or clear skin


  • Hydrate yourself always
  • Always wear sunscreen of at least SPF30++ and re-apply at least once
  • No smoking for a week
  • No alcohol for a week
  • No hot baths or sauna for a week
  • Use your post-treatment creams


Skincare refers to one’s initiative to maintain healthy and consistent processes of taking good care of their skin to reach its optimal condition. Taking good care of our skin would lead to a more desirable and healthy physical appearance, and psychology says it has a significant impact on our mental well-being because when we take care of our skin, we feel good. Thus, it improves our mentality and outlook on life. If you are someone suffering from severe acne due to the excess sebum production of your keratinocyte cells, you may want to consider our Acne Treatment package. The package involves a general skincare routine with a Lala peel chemical treatment, which is the perfect skincare routine for you. Imagine being pampered by the soft hands of a licensed technician overseen by a board-certified doctor. Surely, you must feel at ease and relaxed, considering the treatment package is mild and clinically proven effective with promising results. The Lala peel has Lipohydroxy Acid (LHA), a gentler and more lipophilic exfoliating agent than salicylic acid.

Usually, we administer the Acne Treatment Package to consenting adults or individuals of legal age and teenagers unless the doctor says otherwise. Also, you may undergo the Acne Treatment Package once every one to two weeks with a minimum of three total sessions, and you may use the Lala peel treatment exclusively as maintenance once you have reached the results of your Acne Treatment package sessions. You may also do the Lala peel treatment exclusively, at least three to five times spaced out over every one to two weeks, based on the doctor’s recommendation. Lastly, you may also do it on a monthly basis for optimum results. 

After the session, you may experience bruising, swelling, redness, stinging, and a tingling sensation, but don’t worry, for it will immediately subside after a day or two. Since the treatment has minimal downtime, you may resume your day with mild precautions.

Why choose AMOA 640 Skin Clinic for Umbilical Stem Cell Booster Therapy?

With the growing trend in medical tourism, individuals often go abroad to choose clinics that align with their medical, beauty, and aesthetic needs, as well as their safety concerns. 

At the AMOA 640 Skin Clinic located in Seoul, South Korea, all facial treatments we offer are clinically tried, tested, and proven to have provided significant positive results. We offer a patient-centric approach, wherein our board-certified doctor would carefully assess first if certain procedures are appropriate for you. The AMOA 640 Skin Clinic team is also comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to providing you with quality care, whereas an English-speaking staff will be present as well.

Acne Treatment Before and After

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You may undergo the Acne Care Treatment Package once every one to two weeks with a minimum of three total sessions, and you may use the Lala peel treatment exclusively as maintenance once you have reached the results of your Acne Treatment package sessions.

Our Acne Care Treatment package has minimal downtime. Thus, you may resume your day activities, but you must strictly follow the aftercare and protection procedures to ensure optimum healing and results.

After the session, you may experience bruising, swelling, redness, stinging, and a tingling sensation, but don’t worry, for it will immediately subside after a day or two.