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Aqua Peel

What is an Aqua peel?

The Aqua Peel is a chemical peeling treatment for facial skin rejuvenation. It utilizes a water microdermabrasion system with a three-part cleansing solution through the combination of acid solution and alkaline. Additionally, it is a widely regarded facial treatment in Korea that offers promising results since it helps you achieve the perfect Korean glass skin and glow. It targets not only the skin’s surface but also the underlying layers, which helps address deep skin issues like hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, and dull and dry skin. 

The Aqua Peel is a two-step cleansing mechanism that sloughs the outermost layer of the skin and the impurities while profoundly nourishing the innermost layers for a more moisturized skin appearance. Unlike other chemical peeling treatments, the Aqua Peel does not cause dryness and irritation due to its two-process mechanism and mild nature. It helps treat acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and dull and dry skin. 

Skin acne is a common occurrence that affects people differently, with some of its causes still not fully understood or lacking solid scientific evidence. Nevertheless, certain clinical studies have demonstrated that factors like diet, environment, and genetics can play a significant role in its development. As a result, it is something that can only partially be avoided.

Nevertheless, there are various skin care routines and treatments you may choose from to treat your acne, its type, and its severity. The Aqua Peel treatment is a gentle peeling treatment that moisturizes and sloughs the dead skin cells and impurities on the surface of your skin with no downtime or adverse effects. Thus, it is safe for all skin types and colors, but it may still depend on your skin condition and other health factors.  

If you are looking for a to-go skincare treatment that you may undergo every month, especially if you’re a busy person, consider the Aqua Peel treatment we offer at the AMOA 640 Skin Clinic.

How does Aqua Peel work?

The Aqua Peel treatment comprises deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and iontophoresis, a mechanism through ionic medicinal compounds transmitted to the body by applying a local electric current. It uses compounds such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid solution), BHA (beta hydroxy acid solution), and alkaline. Among these, the most frequently used compounds in chemical peeling treatments are AHA and BHAs. They are both acids that have healing properties that affect different layers of the skin, resulting in acne and skin repair, skin rejuvenation, and skin brightening. AHA is a substance derived from fruits, especially sugary ones, that helps stimulate collagen production and makes the skin plump, healthy, and youthful. On the other hand, BHA is an oil-soluble acid that fights bacteria within the skin to help reduce acne formulation. Thus, the Aqua Peel treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical, gentle chemical treatment that results in skin rejuvenation.

The Aqua Peel treatment starts with a deep cleansing to remove any impurities from the skin. AHA and BHA peels are then pressed onto the skin using a vacuum tool or suction to help dissolve dead skin cells and deep clean the skin. This will also help gently extract whiteheads and blackheads in your pores and dead skin cells on the superficial layer of the skin. Lastly, glycerin solution will be applied to help rehydrate and protect the skin from environmental stressors. These steps leave you with brighter, clearer, and more hydrated skin. 

At AMOA 640 Skin Clinic, you must undergo a face-to-face consultation with our board-certified dermatologist first if you want this treatment. This analysis phase helps us determine the appropriate skin treatment for your skin condition. Additionally, the doctor evaluates if you must incorporate other facial treatments for optimum results.

Once you have the approval for the Aqua Peel, our licensed technician will escort you to one of our treatment rooms to prep your skin. Then, they will administer the Aqua Peel treatment by extracting the impurities using a vacuum tool or suction. Afterward, post-treatment creams and sunscreen are applied for ultimate sun protection – you may resume your day normally immediately after.

Targets of Aqua peel

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Demodex Folliculorum mites
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rough and dry skin
  • Dull skin appearance

Benefits of Aqua peel

  • Reduced impurities (blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Reduced acne and inflammation
  • Reduced redness
  • Even skin tone
  • Moisturized and plump skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Healthy and dewy skin appearance
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • No downtime


  • No hot baths or sauna for a few days
  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF30++ and re-apply at least once
  • Always hydrate yourself
  • Use post-treatment creams


The Aqua Peel is a non-surgical, non-invasive skin care treatment that you may use on a monthly basis, especially when you have major upcoming events like weddings, graduations, work events, and more. Additionally, it is referred to as lunchtime treatment because of its mild nature and promising results in just a short period. It has no downtime and adverse effects, making it convenient. It is also safe for all skin types and colors. However, we still require you to do a doctor’s consultation for this treatment beforehand, considering it utilizes AHA and BHA substances. Since it uses AHA and BHA, you must use a generous amount of sunscreen for optimal protection and remember to re-apply at least once a day.  

The treatment is most suited for individuals of all ages, but at the AMOA 640 Skin Clinic, we only administer it to consenting adults or those of legal age unless the doctor says otherwise. We also cater to teenagers who struggle with acne, but a consent form from their legal guardian must be brought prior to the procedure. It is one of the patients’ go-to facial treatments when they want to maintain a healthy skin appearance. Since the Aqua Peel is mild, you may do it regularly, but the doctor advises three times a week at most. The procedure is painless and only lasts for thirty minutes, unless you have other treatments incorporated into your session. The best results are seen in a week, but minimal results can be seen immediately after treatment. It also has no downtime or adverse effects. 

The Aqua Peel is a top-notch treatment that offers bright, tight, glowy, and dewy skin without serious processes involved. It removes the outermost layer, impurities, and dead skin cells while moisturizing and penetrating deep into the underlying layers. If you’re looking for a gentle facial treatment monthly, you should consider the Aqua Peel treatment.

Why choose AMOA 640 Skin Clinic for Aqua Peel?

With the growing trend in medical tourism, individuals often go abroad to choose clinics that align with their medical, beauty, and aesthetic needs and safety concerns. 

Here at the AMOA 640 Skin Clinic in Seoul, South Korea, all facial treatments we offer are clinically tried, tested, and proven to have provided significant positive results. We offer a patient-centric approach, wherein our board-certified doctor would carefully assess first if certain procedures are appropriate for you. The AMOA 640 Skin Clinic team is also composed of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to providing you with quality care. An English-speaking staff will be present as well.

Booking Information

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After confirming your booking, you may visit us at the AMOA 640 Skin Clinic in Cheongdam, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea. 


The best results are seen in a week, but minimal results can be seen immediately after treatment. 

Since the Aqua Peel is mild, you may do it regularly, but the doctor advises three times a week at most.

Since it uses AHA and BHA, you must use a generous amount of sunscreen for optimal protection, and you must not forget to re-apply at least once. You should also follow the aftercare procedures.