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Give your immune system a boost with our custom blend of powerful antioxidants that can counteract the harmful effects of free radicals caused by aging and various factors.

Free radicals are unstable oxygen-containing molecules that can damage other cells leading to chronic diseases, inflammation, and an increase in the aging process. Free radicals may be caused by environmental factors such as tobacco smoke, UV rays, and air pollution.  To control the free radicals present in your body, you need an adequate supply of antioxidants. Although the body produces some of the most powerful antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid and glutathione, you often need a boost to achieve optimal results. AMOA640 Skin Clinic offers an exclusive blend of vitamins, electrolytes, and the most powerful antioxidants to aid in controlling these damaging free radicals.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are known for their ability to fight diseases and act as an antidote to aging. Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against damage caused by free radicals and AMOA640 Skin Clinic offers our patients with IV therapy drip that aims to boost their levels of essential antioxidants needed for the body.

Free radicals are very damaging to the body in many ways, and they can be exacerbated by chronic stress, pollution, alcohol consumption, smoking, and a bad diet. With AMOA640’s Antioxidant IV Therapy, it will fight off any toxins that can hinder you from having a healthy body from the inside out. Our drip can improve fatigue and lack of energy resulting in healthy and glowing skin. Antioxidant IV Therapy can boost your immune system and invigorate your cells to fight against infection and toxins. With the right amount of antioxidants infused into your body, you will feel intensely hydrated and overall healthy.


AMOA640 Skin Clinic provides a custom formulation of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will surely boost your immune system and fight off free radicals that can exacerbate the signs of aging

Customized Antioxidant IV Therapies

AMOA640 Skin Clinic works with the best doctors and staff that can cater to your needs and make you feel comfortable during the session. After a full assessment, a specific type of antioxidant therapy, based on your needs, will be prescribed for you. AMOA640 offers the best method to infuse antioxidants into your body which is through IV infusion for better and faster results.

Cinderella Injection (Thioctic Acid Injection)

Stem cell IV therapy similarly works like any other IV treatment. You will receive it in a private and sanitized room at AMOA640 Skin Clinic. We value your comfort as you receive treatment from us. Our well-trained staff will guide and help you along the way. They will help you prepare as you are hooked up to the IV and will be at your service, monitoring your treatment.

White Pearl Injection (Glutathione injection)

White Pearl injection’s main ingredient is Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant found in our body. It is the most popular among antioxidants because of its powerful effect in whitening and brightening the skin. Another known fact about glutathione is it can rid your body of toxins that are the cause of various diseases. Before its whitening effects were discovered, Glutathione was primarily used to treat liver diseases through the process of detoxification.

Myers Cocktail Injection

Myers Cocktail injection contains an ideal mixture of high doses of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This IV infusion will improve your immune system, and help keep your body cells healthy. It can also effectively relieve chronic fatigue and stress.

Garlic Injection (Fursultiamine injection)

Unlike its name, this type of antioxidant therapy does not contain garlic per se. It is only named after the condiment because it contains allicin which is the primary source of garlic. When allicin is combined with thiamine (Vitamin B1) they efficiently decompose lactic acid that main chemical substance that causes fatigue. It is also beneficial for hangovers and tired muscles after intensive exercise.

Multiblue-5 (Mineral IV Infusion)

It is the first domestically produced mineral injection in Korea made up of 5 components with powerful antioxidant properties. These are Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and Chromium. These minerals and trace elements are effective in boosting immunity and reducing inflammation.

Selenase® (Selenium IV Infusion)

Selenium is a powerful and essential mineral that can help the body achieve optimal health. As the body cannot produce Selenium on its own, it is important to be infused with this antioxidant to protect the body and skin from premature aging. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory abilities.

Vitamin D IV Therapy

Vitamin D cannot be naturally produced in the body as we usually need sunlight to activate it. This is why it is essential to be supplemented with a sufficient amount to prevent Vitamin D deficiency and to keep our bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. It also enhances overall well-being and beats stress and fatigue.

Stem cell therapy through IV infusion can significantly help treat conditions such as muscle loss, erectile dysfunctions, pain & inflammation, and other diseases that may affect the blood and other organs of the body. It can especially treat sagging skin and loss of elasticity caused by aging. Infusing stem cells through this route can reach a wider range in the body as they are dispersed into the adjacent tissue and look for the organs they need to rejuvenate. Once they are infused into the bloodstream, they secrete several essential growth factors and attract the growth of blood vessels to facilitate tissue formation. Thus, it is best utilized for patients that need treatment on a larger scale.

You can start your consultation with our doctors to learn what is best for you. Avail of our free consultation to begin your treatment with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the procedure?

Antioxidant IV Drips usually take 45 to 60 minutes to infuse. You don’t have to worry as your comfort is our priority. Our trained staff will make sure your needs are met and you will be very comfortable until the end of your session.

How long do the effects of an IV drip last?

The effects, you receive from IV Drips depend on the treatment you choose and your physical health condition. However, the noticeable effects can be seen after 2-3 days. Some say they feel an improvement after their infusion. The antioxidants administered into your body from the IV Drip can remain in your system for as long as 2 to 8 weeks.

How often should you get Antioxidant IV drips?

You can have more sessions after a few months for maintenance. This also depends on what type of antioxidant treatment you want. At AMOA640 Skin Clinic, our highly qualified doctors will assess your overall health with a few diagnostic tests before each therapy session. After this, we can customize your IV therapy according to what your body needs.