G-wave developer August 15, 2022


What is a G-wave?

G-wave, commonly known as collagen wave, is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for aiding skin aging and laxity issues. The G-wave is a facial therapy that helps tighten the skin by triggering it to boost collagen synthesis in the dermal layer of the skin. Thus, the procedure invokes natural processes to make the skin youthful and volumized. 

Collagen, elastin, and other fibers and proteins are components of the body responsible for making us look young and healthy. Collagen is situated in connective tissues that function as an adhesive to our skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Nevertheless, its principal function is maintaining the skin’s structure and elasticity to keep a healthy and volumized skin appearance.

Naturally, kids and teenagers have firmer and more volumized skin because they are young and the above-stated components are produced actively in their bodies. However, as we age, these components gradually reduce their production, leading to prominent wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, and pores. As a result, the skin loses its firmness, volume, and glow. Additionally, it may lead to other skin issues like hyperpigmentation. Hence, many individuals come to AMOA640 Skin Clinic with the same skin dilemma: wrinkles and fine lines, especially among locals and YouTubers. 

The AMOA640 Skin Clinic offers a variety of treatments for skin laxity and aging issues, one of which is the G-wave facial therapy. The G-wave is proof of our state-of-the-art technology when it comes to cosmetology, considering we excel in that field. The purpose of the treatment is to offer relaxation while simultaneously treating skin laxity through radiofrequency. The treatment is a mixture of science, beauty, technology, and culture, which mirrors the customs and unique way of life of the people here. Not only are we famous for K-pop artists and idols, but also for the facial treatments that helped them achieve their desired look through varying modalities. Many foreigners come to our land with the same purpose, so there is no need to doubt when it comes to Korean technology.

How does G-wave work?

The G-wave therapy works by using a radiofrequency (RF) device to transmit the waves onto the skin directly to the underlying layers. It works as a catalyst that triggers the body’s collagen production to produce more necessary regenerative properties to make the skin tauter, firmer, and more volumized. As a result, the collagen makes the tissues tight faster. Additionally, it can be done without the involvement of surgical procedures, like incision and grafting. 

At the AMOA640 Skin Clinic, you will undergo a face-to-face skin analysis process with our board-certified doctor so that they may assess your skin thoroughly. With this, they may determine whether you are a good fit for the combination of other procedures for optimum outcome. They will guide you through the basics of the treatment thoroughly, including the aftermath, aftercare, and detailed procedures of the treatment.

Once you have the doctor’s approval, our licensed technician will escort you to one of our treatment rooms to prep your skin. Please note that skin prepping is a must at our clinic to ensure that no present factor will interfere with the therapy’s effectiveness. The skin preparation may involve exfoliation, steaming, and extraction. Afterward, your skin is gently massaged with the G-wave device for collagen synthesis stimulation. Lastly, post-treatment creams, sunscreen, and a face mask are applied to the skin for final pampering. 

Targets of G-wave

  • Skin aging and laxity issues
  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Mild acne and blemishes
  • Wrinkles
  • Laugh lines or smile lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Areas around the eyes
  • Areas around the neck and cheeks

Benefits of G-wave

  • Skin tightening 
  • Skin contouring
  • Facial massage
  • Volumized skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Healthy and youthful skin appearance
  • Increased collagen synthesis
  • Reduced fine lines and expression lines
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced laugh lines or smile lines
  • Reduced pore appearance
  • Reduced mild acne and blemishes appearance
  • Natural process
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive


  • Use sunscreen of at least SPF30++ and reapply at least once
  • Hydrate yourself
  • No smoking for a week
  • No alcohol for a week
  • No hot baths or sauna for a week
  • Use post-treatment creams


A clinical study tested the efficacy of the collagen wave treatment in treating rough and dry skin and collagen synthesis. According to the data, the study demonstrated significant changes in the skin volume of the patients and thus deemed it an effective supplement for women who are conscious of their skin texture. Moreover, there is a noteworthy improvement in the skin’s elasticity and wrinkle reduction. 

The G-wave therapy is an excellent alternative medical modality to facelifts and eyebrow lifts, considering it is non-surgical and non-invasive. You may also incorporate it into your usual weekly skincare routine because it is mild and gentle. The treatment has other benefits besides lifting and tightening, for it involves stimulation of the collagen synthesis in the underlying layer of the skin. Since G-wave therapy is also regarded as a facial massage, there is no downtime. So, you may mix it with other facial treatments, such as chemical peels, skin lifting, and other skin care treatments, to complete your Korean glass skincare routine. However, you must require the doctor’s approval for other procedures, considering some may be harmful to sensitive skin and darker skin color. Nevertheless, G-wave therapy is safe for all skin types and colors. 

The G-wave therapy boosts the collagen synthesis of the underlying layer of the skin, so the results are immediate, but for the best results, you may need to wait for a week. It is also not painful, considering it is a facial massage that uses radiofrequency, and most of the time, our clients fall asleep during the procedure. The treatment is most appropriate for individuals suffering from prominent wrinkles and other skin aging issues. However, we have young customers as well that wish to incorporate G-wave therapy into their skincare routine to delay the signs of aging by treating it early on. The treatment may be done every month, but some customers prefer to do it every three weeks. Also, please note that despite the mild nature of the G-wave therapy, we only administer it to consenting adults. 

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