Body Contouring developer June 27, 2022


Body contouring

One of the most common surgical procedures to improve appearance is a lower body lift, in which an incision is made around the lower trunk and the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are lifted.

Body contouring, or body sculpting, can eliminate fat, shape areas of the body and tighten skin. Lipolysis is a nonsurgical option that uses cold, heat, lasers and other methods. Surgical options include tucks, lifts and liposuction. Surgery has more risks and longer recovery, but it usually provides more noticeable results.

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a medical or surgical procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. It may involve procedures to:

  • Get rid of extra skin.
  • Eliminate excess fat.
  • Reshape or contour the area.

Body contouring does not usually help you lose weight. Instead, it helps shape the body and address specific areas where weight loss isn’t effective or after significant weight loss results in extra skin.

Some patients also have an upper body lift, sometimes including breast augmentation to restore lost volume and an arm lift to improve droopy-looking skin there.

Body Contouring: Refinements and Discoveries

As doctors have gained experience, Aly says, they’ve gained control over the position of the scars from the surgeries, so they are less noticeable.

The body contouring procedures can be accompanied by complications, including bleeding, infection, tissue death, abnormal scars, and formation of a seroma — a mass or lump those results from fluid buildup in an organ or tissue.