Exosome Booster developer July 29, 2022

Exosome Booster

What are Exosome Boosters?

Aging has always been integrated into human nature, considering it happens to each of us. Along with aging comes the gradual decline of the body systems, including maintaining a healthy and bright skin appearance. The body slowly stops producing cells, fibers, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids responsible for making us look young. However, there are instances when others look older or younger than their actual age, and this is common, especially among K-pop artists and idols. In comparing Western and Korean artists, our artists look significantly younger in physical attributes, particularly their facial features. It is because artists and other individuals take care of themselves through facials, massages, surgeries, and a healthy lifestyle, considering all of these factors exacerbate the delay of aging and its physical manifestations. Additionally, aging comes with a delay in healing and regenerative properties in our bodies, resulting in more prominent scars. 

In Korea, the concept of facials and aesthetics are embedded into our culture, so when you visit AMOA640 Skin Clinic, you may choose a wide variety of our skin boosters and anti-aging treatments, one of which is the Exosome Booster. 

Exosome Booster or therapy is a type of skin rejuvenation treatment that contains exosomes. Exosomes are nano-sized consignments carrying proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. These biomolecules play a vital role in the skin’s healthy appearance and rejuvenation.

In the early years, exosome therapy was utilized solely to treat chronic and degenerative diseases because, like stem cell therapy, it exacerbates the body’s regenerative capabilities. The body has its natural way of healing to achieve homeostasis or balance, so exosome therapy taps into it and magnifies the body’s healing capabilities. Unlike stem cells, exosome therapy doesn’t involve donor cells. Instead, they are extracted from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and sterilized. Subsequently, through science and technological breakthroughs, exosome therapy or booster was proven effective as a facial treatment in aesthetics. 

How does it work?

The exosomes are transmitted into the skin via a micro-needling device or micro-needling therapy system (MTS) that will create tiny micro-dermal wounds. With this, the exosomes are penetrated towards the deeper layer of the skin, exacerbating the body’s natural healing and regenerative properties. However, this treatment can also administer through resurfacing laser to help the skin’s resurfacing and rejuvenation.


Exosome booster requires skin penetration through micro dermal wounds for the product’s efficacy. Therefore, before undergoing this treatment, you must consult our dermatologist first. If you are one of the people suffering from hyperpigmentation, mild skin laxity, dry, dull, and rough skin, and surface scars, you may choose to proceed with this procedure. However, it is vital to have the go-signal of our dermatologist first before doing this, for you may have other skin issues that may hinder you from achieving your goal. In the consultation, our board-certified dermatologist will assess your skin and suggest treatments suitable for your skin conditions. Likewise, they will guide you through the pre-and post-treatment aftercare and outcome. Additionally, you may incorporate other mild facial treatments and lifting procedures, but only if the dermatologist recommends or allows this. 

First, the technician will prep your skin to ensure the most favorable outcome of your skin. Then, the doctor will administer the treatment for your assurance and security reasons. At AMOA640 Skin Clinic, we use the CellExome* HE (SR) as our exosome serum for exosome skin booster. Then, the technician will apply a cooling mask to help soothe your skin and apply rejuvenating creams and sunscreen.

Clinical Studies

There is no reason for you to fear this procedure, for all facial treatments offered here at AMOA640 Skin Clinic are clinically tried, tested, and proven to have provided significant positive results. In a clinical study in perceiving exosome therapy in engineering a new way to aid in skin treatments, results have shown that exosomes are a beneficial alternative for skin regeneration. Furthermore, exosomes showcase varying therapeutic elements for skin treatments, considering that it has characteristics such as (a) angiogenic ability, (b) collagen synthesis, and (c) regulation of inflammation. 

Similarly, a clinical trial testing the efficacy of exosomes derived from stem cells (exosome therapy) for brightening effects has shown positive outcomes. The results suggested that exosome therapy is effective as a cosmetological treatment for skin brightening. According to the data, it significantly helped level the skin tone, alleviated the blemishes, and reduced age spots. 


  • No sauna or hot baths
  • Avoid sun exposure for a week
  • Use sunscreen of at least SPF30++ and re-apply
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Moisturize well
  • Use post-treatment creams for optimal healing
  • No smoking
  • No alcohol

Targets of Exosome Booster

  • Enlarged pores
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Rough and dull skin
  • Chronically dry skin
  • Fine lines and surface wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Inflammation
  • Surface scars


  • Improve Overall Hydration
  • Minimizes Enlarged Pores
  • Smoothens Rough and Dry Skin
  • Improves Skin Radiance
  • Improves Skin Elasticity
  • Skin Brightening
  • Skin Strengthening
  • Skin Regeneration, especially for hyper-sensitive and inflammation skin
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Less prominence on scars
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Added skin volume
  • Natural process
  • Non-surgical


Exosome skin booster is one of the leading skin rejuvenating and resurfacing procedures, and it is also the latest generation of skin boosters in Korea. The treatment is best suited for individuals in their mid-thirties to late forties because it is where there are prominent age spots, skin laxity, and dull skin. Additionally, it is where the body starts producing fewer cells, lipids, fats, proteins, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acids that give us that youthful look. 

However, it is a must that you should consult your dermatologist first or the AMOA640 Skin Clinic to determine if you meet the conditions for the procedure, considering not everyone is compatible with the treatment, especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Furthermore, the exosome booster is apposite for all skin types and skin colors, so foreigners are welcome too. You must note that the exosome booster has minimal downtime and may require a day’s worth of no strenuous activity since it involves the creation of micro-dermal wounds. Furthermore, your face may appear pink and flushed for two to three days, depending on the method utilized to administer the exosome booster. You may also experience peeling within a week, so try not to peel it forcibly, for it will create further damage. 

If you are interested in the Exosome Booster or Therapy, you may visit us at the AMOA640 Skin Clinic in Cheongdam, Seoul, Korea, or contact us at our landline: 02-545-0640. You may also visit our official website and follow us on any of our social media accounts to know more!