Mole removal | Why use a CO2 laser? developer December 5, 2023

Mole removal | Why use a CO2 laser?

Do you ever notice those black dots on your face and body? They come in such a variety, small, large, dark, light, many or a few. They make each of us unique. But they can also be disturbing cosmetically. Luckily, we can remove them for you, to get a more even skin tone.

What are moles?

Moles are pigmented lesions, also called nevi. They grow on the skin when melanocytes (pigment cells) grow in clusters. Melanocytes give the skin its color. Humans tend to get around ten to forty moles throughout their lives. Moles appear during childhood and adolescence, but can fade or change shape as we age. The location can be anywhere on the body, from the scalp to between your toes. In most of the cases, moles are harmless and there is no need for them to be removed. Always check with a doctor, because there is a possibility that a mole can be malignant. These moles mostly have a different shape, color, size and they change fast. Malignant moles are cancerous and may spread out to several body parts.

How can they be removed?

Using a CO2 laser is among the greatest options if you want to get rid of moles that you are unhappy with. The CO2 laser only targets the affected area, in this case the pigmented cells. Targeting the pigment cell clusters in the skin requires the laser’s high penetration and energy levels. The CO2 laser is also known for not developing scars after the mole removal.

Depending on the size and the depth of the mole, several sessions are recommended. There is no limit to how many moles can be treated in one session. Moles all over your body can be removed. The treatment is mostly performed on the face, but chest or arms are also popular areas.

What can you expect?

First, get a thorough consultation with the doctor to determine if the CO2 laser is suitable for your skin condition. The doctor will assess whether the mole is non-cancerous, ensuring safe and appropriate treatment. Only non-cancerous moles can be treated with the CO2 laser. Upon the doctor’s approval, preparations for the procedure will commence. The treated areas will be cleansed followed by the application of a numbing cream on the moles.

Next, the actual procedure with the CO2 laser. Protective glasses will be placed over your eyes against the light from the laser. Depending on the number of moles that have to be removed, it may not take long. During the treatment, you will feel heat from the laser on the treated areas. After the treatment, regenerative tapes will be applied on the moles to protect the skin and help them heal faster. It is very important to keep in mind to be gentle and to wear sunscreen when going into the sun.

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What are the benefits?

Non-surgical and non-invasive – No surgery or stitches needed and minimal pain. There will be no scarring, due to the laser only treating the specific layers and not damage other tissue.

Minimal downtime – After the treatment, there is minimal downtime. Depending on the size of the moles, the tapes need to be applied and replaced for 3-10 days. Scabs may appear on the places that have been treated. In order to avoid scarring, it’s critical to leave the scabs alone.

Safe – The CO2 laser is a well researched device that is safe to use for removing moles on the face and body.


Moles can sometimes pose cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, the CO2 laser offers a viable solution to achieve a more even skin tone. The CO2 laser would be a good option to remove moles, being non-surgical, well-researched, minimal pain, no scarring and minimal downtime. Prior consultation with a doctor is crucial to determine the suitability of this treatment, ensuring safe and effective mole removal. If you are dissatisfied with some moles, and want to get rid of them, contact us, and we will help you get the best treatment!
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