Rejuran Healer developer June 28, 2023

Rejuran Healer


At some point in life, you’ll begin to notice your skin breaking, having a rough texture, or it starts to dull. Those occurrences can be caused by numerous factors–it can be due to dirt, excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, irritants to skin care products, or a combination of them. Although the said manifestations would eventually be gone, there are instances when people have a hard time getting rid of them, despite how many products they have tried. So, they go to beauty clinics like ours, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic, to get help. Luckily, we are one of the leading providers of skin and aesthetic care in Korea. We offer an array of skin treatments that aim to bring your healthy and glowing skin back and achieve your #SkinGoals, such as the Rejuran Healer.

The Rejuran Healer is quite popular in the beauty and cosmetics industry nowadays because of its effectiveness which can improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, and minimize pore manifestations. More than that, it is also a non-surgical skin treatment that is a bit similar to fillers and Botox but is far milder in nature. Thus, Rejuran Healer is ideal for people experiencing skin discoloration, fine lines, and rough skin appearance. Let’s know more about it, shall we?


The Rejuran Healer is a Korean FDA-approved skin treatment that boosts skin regeneration and rejuvenation via a natural process. It contains a substance called Polynucleotide that evidently helps in regenerating skin tissues, which, in return, makes our skin increase its elasticity and thickness. As people age, collagen and elastic fiber production slow down, which often leads to a thinner skin structure, displaying wrinkles and causing it to look saggy. But thanks to the continuous research and development of technology, the Rejuran Healer was invented to primarily bring the skin back to its younger form.

Further, it has a gel-like consistency wherein, once it has been injected into the target area of your face, it allows immediate filling and lifting of depressed scars. Additionally, it has been proven through clinical studies that Rejuran Healer is effective for treating damaged skin barrier, as well as in brightening your skin tone and leaving you with a smoother skin texture.


This effortless, non-surgical, yet potent skin treatment requires only a small amount to do its work on your skin. With the help of our prominent doctors at Amoa 640 Skin Clinic, we can get rid of your skin discoloration, unappealing skin texture, and aging manifestations, as well as increase collagen and fibroblast production in your skin. Once the Rejuran Healer is injected into the target area, its Polynucleotide (PN) component penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin, which is beneath the epidermis. It boosts the regeneration processes of the face. The PN works by reversing the damage in your skin and increasing its elasticity for youthful skin. It stays in the skin for a long time and acts as a support structure as your skin heals.


Don’t worry, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic assures that all the treatments and products we administer to our patients are safe and efficient. Thus, the Polynucleotide in Rejuran Healer is a very safe substance that can withstand heat and carries not a single adverse side effect in other parts of your skin and/or body.


As stated above, Rejuran Healer is not a complicated treatment. If you are doubting because of the word “injection,” worry no more because the Rejuran Healer treatment only is administered via microneedle, which leaves almost invisible marks. Moreover, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic makes sure that you are secured and comfortable first before we administer any treatment. A topical numbing cream will be applied before we proceed with the treatment, so you won’t feel much pain during the process.

Ready to achieve clear and glass skin? Rejuran Healer is the key! Feel free to contact us, so we can begin your journey! You may reach out to us via our social media accounts by searching Amoa 640 Skin Clinic or by browsing here on our website, under the “Contact Us” button. We will assist you all the way! Additionally, you can also see the other treatments we offer, which you may avail of, too, as long as your doctor permits you to do so.


The Rejuran Healer treatment targets rough and unpleasant skin texture, wrinkles, and other parts of the face displaying signs of aging. It may be injected into your jawlines, laugh/smile lines, under your eyes, on your cheek area, eyebrow lines, and frown lines. Given that Rejuran Healer aids in the stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen production, improvement of the skin barrier, and in reducing wrinkles. It is immensely patronized by adults in their 20s and beyond who suffer from the mentioned skin issues, yet is not limited to them. Particularly, Rejuran Healer offers the following benefits:

  • Improves fine lines and skin elasticity
  • Smoother skin texture
  • Reduces sebum production
  • Improves skin texture
  • Promotes skin hydration
  • Youthful skin
  • Hydrated skin
  • Better skin recovery from injury
  • Non-surgical and simple procedure with minimal downtime


Rejuran Healer is a minimally invasive facial treatment, which needs your care after the procedure to get and maintain optimal results. Thus, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic advises you to observe the following measures:

  • Avoid touching the treated area right after the treatment
  • Refrain from having hot baths or going to a sauna a few days after your treatment
  • Always apply sunscreen of at least SPF30++, especially outdoors
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Use moisturizing creams, best to include a rejuvenation cream


At Amoa 640 Skin Clinic, we understand the inflated demands of people in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Apparently, skincare now belongs to many people’s ‘essentials.’ Therefore, we ensure that the services, along with the machines and equipment Amoa 640 offers, are at high-quality and reasonable prices. Other than that, we are home to tenured doctors with extensive experiences in the aesthetics and plastic surgery field. Plus, the fact that they are directed by Dr. Kim Ji-Yul, one of the best doctors in South Korea, means that you are in the safest hands!

Get Rejuran Healer treatment at Amoa 640 Skin Clinic now to achieve your #SkinGoals without exerting much effort! Don’t worry, we will assist you from the first until the very last step of your treatment. With us, you are valued. 

Even making an appointment with us is very easy. All you got to do is click either the “Contact Us” button or the “Book Now” found above this site. Follow the guide to be flashed on your screen, and you’re done! Please note that we will also ask for some of your personal details upon booking an appointment.

Once you’re all set, we will see you in our clinic and bring out the best version of your skin!


Since Rejuran Healer is a non-surgical treatment, its effects can already be visible after a few days. Usually, after 2–5 days, you can feel that your skin is smoother and hydrated. However, you might need to wait for a week or two to see the best results. As long as you follow the aftercare measurements stated above, you can enjoy the results of the Rejuran Healer treatment for months.

One treatment was said to be sufficient already. However, results vary per patient as your skin issues and conditions vary. If you want to achieve better effects after your first session, you will need to consult your doctor if your skin still needs another Rejuran Healer treatment, and we can schedule your treatment plan immediately.