Ultherapy – Everything you need to know developer November 22, 2023

Ultherapy – Everything you need to know

Surgical facelifts have been a popular treatment for a long time. It is a solution for reversing the effects of sagging skin. But a surgical facelift is not for everyone. That is why we offer you a nonsurgical facelift, Ultherapy. It is the number one non-invasive facelift treatment, but why? Let’s find out in this article!

Table of contents

  • What is Ultherapy?
  • What can you expect?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Conclusion

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a FDA-cleared, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to lift and tighten your skin. It also improves fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. The system used in Ultherapy is called Ulthera, it is patent-protected. Ulthera is the only HIFU machine that uses real-time imaging. The real-time imaging allows the doctor to see the targeting layers and target the tissue precisely. With a normal HIFU based treatment it would be harder to see the precise targeting layers. A single session of Ultherapy treatment will help improve mild facial laxity and sagging, while you would need several of normal HIFU treatments to get the same results.

The ultrasound energy will penetrate deep into your skin and heat up the tissue. This will lead to the contraction of collagen fibers, which will result in tightening and lifting of lax skin. In addition, ultrasound technology offers precise targeting, it can penetrate up to 4.5mm on the face and 13mm on the body. By generating controlled micro-injuries, ultrasound waves trigger the body’s natural healing process and boost collagen production. Collagen is vital to keep our skin firm and young. As we age our skin’s collagen production will decrease making our skin saggy and form wrinkles. That is why Ultherapy is the perfect treatment to increase and stimulate that collagen production.

What can you expect?

The treatment can be done on a variety of areas on the body such as forehead, cheeks, jawline, arms, thighs and abdomen. It is mostly used on people who have mild to moderate skin laxity or sagging. Around the age of mid 20s to 50, when noticing wrinkles or fine lines, it is interesting to explore Ultherapy to prevent the skin from sagging. However, keep in mind that this treatment might not be for everyone.

Not suitable:

  • Patients with open wounds or skin infections around the treating area. It is possible to get the treatment once the wounds or infections are fully healed.
  • Patients with bleeding disorders or taking blood-thinning medications. These are not good candidates, as the treatment may cause minor bruising or bleeding. There is always the possibility to double check with the doctor.
  • Patients with pacemakers or other device implants. These are not good candidates, as the ultrasound waves could interfere with their implants. However, there is always the possibility to double check with the doctor.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women are. These are not good candidates, as it may or may not affect fetal developments or lactation. It has not been proven yet, but we do not recommend it to avoid risks.

When receiving the treatment you will be guided through every step. Firstly, the patient will see the doctor for the face-to-face consultation. This enables us to make sure this is the right treatment for you. After discussing the treatment you will get prepped for the treatment. The esthetician starts with cleansing your face thoroughly. A numbing cream will be applied to lessen any discomfort. An ultrasound gel will be applied to treat the skin smoothly. The applicator will be placed on your skin and deliver the ultrasound waves to the treating area. Patients might feel a slight tingling sensation or some heat but due to the numbing cream it is minimal. 

Watch the treatment: here

After the treatment there will be some soothing aftercare. The treated areas might be mildly red and slightly swollen, this will resolve within a few hours to a few days with no additional down time. Patients are advised to avoid direct sunlight and protect the treated areas with sunscreen. It is also recommended to be very gentle with the treated skin, and keeping the skin hydrated with a rejuvenating cream. This will ensure that your skin will heal without complications.

The duration and frequency of the treatment sessions can vary per patient. This will be decided based on the needs of the patient specifically. The dermatologist will come up with a treatment plan based on the patient’s situation. The final plan will be determined together with the patient to ensure you reach your skin treatment goals. Book a consultation to find the best treatment for your skin.

You can expect:

Results within one to three months – You will notice less skin laxity and less sagging skin.

Appearance of a slimmer face – Ultherapy is very beneficial when looking for the appearance of a slimmer face, as the treated areas will be more lifted.

Youthful and healthier skin – The overall appearance of your skin will improve.

What are the benefits?

Safe – Ultherapy is FDA approved, which means it is safe and effective to use. The ultrasound technology is well researched and widely used as a medical device.

Effectiveness – The treatment is effective on all skin types which make the treatment accessible for everyone. The precise targeting of the device allows the practitioner to perform the treatment safely on various skin types.

No downtime – Because Ultherapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, there will be no down-time. Right after the procedure the face can be slightly red or swollen, but that will fade quickly.

Natural looking results – The improvement in the skin can be seen within several weeks, as that is when collagen production is stimulated. Ultherapy stands out as a favored option for individuals seeking a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Offering a natural looking result treatment is getting more popular in Korea and other Asian countries.


When noticing wrinkles and skin laxity, Ultherapy is the number one non-surgical lifting treatment. It is safe, there is no downtime and the treatment is very effective. For the most convenient experience, contact us! We will help you throughout the whole procedure and get the skin you are dreaming of!

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