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UltraCol 200


As we age, many people start worrying about wrinkles, if not, acne spots and marks. Accordingly, our patients at Amoa 640 Skin Clinic seek help to get rid of stubborn impurities on their faces. Hence, we see to it that our clients leave our clinic with their goals fulfilled by offering only the best facial treatments, using up-to-date technologies and beauty equipment, and ensuring the safety as well as the effectiveness of everything we provide you.

UltraCol 200 is another variant of the famous UltraCol, a great invention of the renowned company called the Ultra V. The Ultra V is popular worldwide for developing advanced skincare products that can resolve multiple concerns even with a single session. One of their proudest innovations is the UltraCol variants, specifically the UltraCol 200, for the numerous benefits it carries.

What is UltraCol 200?

UltraCol 200 is a filler product made with a technology that stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration processes in a natural way. While other filler treatments can boost the skin, too, UltraCol is immensely exceptional for its biodegradable polymer component, Polydioxanone (PDO), the feature that Ultra V is most proud of. UltraCol is the first microsphere-based biostimulator and, at the same time, skin booster that is KFDA-approved, and is made from FDA-registered polydioxanone ingredients.

At Amoa 640 Skin Clinic, we ensure that you’ll get the most suitable treatment for you. So, your skin condition and concerns will have to be assessed by our doctor first. Once the doctor says you are good to go, local anesthesia will be applied to your face first before the UltraCol 200 injection. This is for you to feel less to zero amount of pain. Moreover, by the time the UltraCol 200 has been administered into the skin, the PDO in it prompts autologous collagen production, which in return volumizes and lifts the skin and aids in improving skin elasticity. With the existing conventional filler products worldwide, the primary goal of UltraCol is to introduce something novel and unique. Consequently, it was designed with biodegradable polymers as its raw material, and it has no allergens or side effects.

How does UltraCol 200 work?

The UltraCol variants are administered in a similar manner–they only differ in the way they were designed. UltraCol 200 has larger particles compared with UltraCol 100, yet functions closely the same. Both of them are in powder form, prepared with sterile distilled water with epinephrine or lidocaine. So, what will be injected into the specific areas of your skin is a solution via a tool called a cannula, which leaves no trace of invasion.


Clinical trials reveal that UltraCol 200 is an effective skin booster, stimulating collagen production, and is highly potent for addressing difficult indications, including glabella, under eye dark circles, and wrinkles. If you’re curious about the biodegradable polymer it contains, the polydioxanone is safely and naturally dissolved after it has done its job in your skin. Worry not though, for the PDO is massively used in the medical field, particularly as a reliable suture material in surgeries.


Amoa 640 Skin Clinic follows a distinct procedure to guarantee that all our patients are catered to with top-quality service. UltraCol 200 is a non-surgical, simple, and minimally invasive treatment that requires preciseness and expertise. The good thing is, you are in the right hands for choosing Amoa 640 as your skin care provider. At our clinic, it is required to go through a consultation with our board-certified doctor before proceeding with your treatment. Afterward, your doctor will design your treatment plan that will suit your skin condition and concern the most. Moreover, administering UltraCol 200 also comes with the injection of local anesthesia to ease the pain you might feel. Then, your assigned doctor will begin to administer the UltraCol 200 injection utilizing a specific cannula.

To commence your beauty and aesthetic journey with us, you will have to book an appointment. Don’t be bothered about it because the steps are easy, and your information is totally secured with us. For that, you can click either the “Contact Us” or “Book Now” buttons to begin. Additionally, you can also reach us via email at amoaskinclinic@gmail.com or visit our social media pages under our name for further explorations.


Every year, the areas of people’s demands expand, which requires beauty and aesthetic providers to continue researching and developing products, as well as treatments that offer convenience to clients, alongside the benefits it contains. On that account, UltraCol 200 is probably the best choice for you. Aside from the product’s advancements, it is quite effortless to avail and extremely perfect for people who have a lot of businesses to attend to. Particularly, people in their late 20s and beyond get the UltraCol 200 to eliminate aging manifestations. Patients who wish to get rid of their wrinkles, under eye bags, or under eye dark circles go to our clinic and avail the UltraCol 200, a treatment that can resolve the mentioned issues with its tested potency. This treatment has proven to be effective in addressing facial wrinkles, including smile lines (nasolabial folds), textured skin, as well as under eye hollowness, and dark circles. Moreover, the UltraCol 200 aids in eradicating skin sagging, dullness, sunken cheek areas, and exhaustion. It can be injected in certain facial areas, such as under your eyes, cheeks, nasolabial fold, marionette lines, chin, glabella, or forehead.

Thus, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic assures you that availing of the UltraCol 200 treatment will give you the following benefits:

  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced under eye bags appearance
  • Reduce under eye dark circles
  • Brighter skin
  • Reduced appearance of nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
  • Reduced appearance of marionette lines
  • Volumized skin
  • Tight and lifted skin effect
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Increased collagen stimulation
  • Long-lasting results


As previously mentioned, UltraCol 200 is hypoallergenic and carries no side effects, unlike conventional fillers. Although it has very minimal downtime, such as light swelling and bruising on the injected area, they are completely normal and will eventually fade within a week. But to avoid unwanted post-treatment impacts, kindly follow the following measures for your comfort.

  • You can touch the treated area gently, though avoid massaging it for the time being.
  • Use cold up to lukewarm water temperature when washing your face, along with a mild facial cleanser.
  • Refrain from having hot baths or going to a sauna for at least one week.
  • Always apply sunscreen of at least 30SPF++ to protect your skin, and re-apply once or as much as needed.


Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. At Amoa 640 Skin Clinic, you are given the utmost medical care you can ever have as we assist you from the first to the very last step of your treatment. Additionally, our patients acquire customized treatment plans, meaning, the procedure to be done to you was made just for you! We understand that each person differs in skin concerns and conditions, so we ensure that we are able to help them achieve their #SkinGoals.


Furthermore, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic is one of the leading skin care providers in South Korea, a state-of-the-art for cosmetics and aesthetics in the entire globe. That said, we are home to prominent board-certified doctors, directed by the tenured Dr. Kim Ji-Yul who is a renowned doctor in the field of aesthetics, has an extensive background in the beauty industry and has performed countless facial treatments. At Amoa 640, you are highly valued.


Have you decided to get your UltraCol 200 treatment and say goodbye to under eye bags, wrinkles, and other skin aging manifestations? Go ahead and click either the “Book Now” or “Contact Us” button found above, so we can begin your beauty life! Also, feel free to get in touch with us through our email: amoaskinclinic@gmail.com! Lastly, you may follow our social media accounts to browse our successful procedures with our past patients and discover other interesting facial treatments yourself. Once everything is set, we will delightedly see you at our clinic!


UltraCol 200 is proven to be an effective collagen stimulator that aids skin regenerative processes, which helps in volumizing, lifting, and improving skin elasticity. It went through a series of clinical trials, in which not a single adverse effect was recorded. Plus, Amoa 640 Skin Clinic would not get a product that will harm our patients, as we only want you to have top-quality services. Moreover, the biodegradable polymer in the UltraCol 200 is absolutely safe and will not affect any other parts of your body.

One session has been proven to be enough and promises you long-lasting results already. However, if you wish to get another shot after your first, we can definitely discuss it with your doctor to assess whether you still need another and to make sure that it will not cause you any harm.

Primarily, UltraCol 200 is an anti-aging treatment that aims to eradicate signs of aging, such as under eye dark circles, under eye bags, sunken facial features, as well as improve the skin’s texture; hence, people suffering from such skin problems are the perfect fit to get the UltraCol 200 treatment. The common age group who avail it ranges from the late 20s and above. However, it is very open to all consenting adults, as long as your doctor permits so.